lost and found

Yesterday I found some old, school magazines I illustrated when I was younger.. So manga style! 

 And my old sticker albums collection I thought I had lost. 
Oh, the memories..

handmade xmas ornaments and..

in two weeks i'll be participating in a local xmas fair.. besides some illustrations i decided to make some xmas ornaments, tag stickers, hand painted mugs and t-shirts to sell.. i'll be a bit busy during this time preparing all this stuff, but it will be a lot of fun!

god's window

south africa as always been a favorite destination since i was a little girl. i remember going to kruger park check the wild animals almost every month.. this time i went somewhere different, i visited god's window in mpumalanga, a place known as paradise country. it was absolutely breathtaking! 
these are some souvenirs i brought home.. 


this is a drawing i did for kata, the lovely lady behind "inspirationholic". i met her in cambridge during an english summer course in 2004 and we've kept in contact ever since.. she is from budapest and is now studying to become a lawyer. recently she created a fashion blog that's becoming a huge success, check her facebook page to easily keep updated to her new posts!

the more I know people..

I'll be selling them soon on etsy.. there's gonna be one version for cat lovers too: