Winter madness.

Baby, it's cold outside.
Let's stay in, drink hot chocolate, sew a little and play with mr.Haruki. He sure likes that idea.

Visual thinking workshop @ #oficinacc

Last saturday, November 28th, me and Inês Sousa organised a visual thinking workshop.
It was my first delivery has a certified trainer.

We started with an Ice breaker where participants were divided in two group and had to draw each other collaboratively.

After that we did some drawing exercises.

We stopped for a Coffee break. 

And had some delicious food from #oficinacc.

When we came back to work, we saw First, tell me how you make toast video after drawing it ourselves.

Some of the participant's drawing.

The last exercise was an opportunity to play around the visual tools applied to design thinking.

It was a really good afternoon and we all had a lot of fun!
We will repeat the experience! :)

Thank you ♥︎

Proteja o seu albino - Unicef Moçambique

In the year 2015 alone, 15 albinos have reportedly disappeared in Mozambique, linked to witchcraft and superstition that their body parts can bring prosperity or cure certain diseases.
This drawing was part of UNICEF MOZAMBIQUE's online campaign to stop that from happening. 



Last saturday, October 24th, meSenhor Balão, Ana nas Tintas, Delfim Ruas and Vitor Novo were guest artists at TEDxUniversityofPorto.  

All pictures, except the first one (that's mine), are from the official event Photographer: Mafalda Sousa.

 We had to illustrate stories made up by participantes during the coffee break.
Here are my first ideas/sketches.

 That's me on the left side and Gil, senhor balão, on the right. Trying to be as fast as we could. There wasn't a lot of time left.

Vitor and Ana, very focused on their work. 

Senhor balão.

Ana nas tintas.


Vitor Novo.

And there was a lot of delicious food too!!!

Here's a picture of all the TEDx team. They did a great job at organising everything, it took them around 3 year to finally make this dream come true... Congratulations! The event was SUPER!

Thank you so much for the experience!
It was really nice to work among such talented people! 


Big girls don't cry, they eat.

Food, illustration and embroidery come together to give birth to what would be missphips' first exhibition, in Porto 2015 at Oficina Cafe Criativo.

For more details of the exhibition you can check what We blog you wrote about it, here:
Thank you!

Fashion illustrations

I was asked to do an illustration for a mozambican magazine "Chinguirira" (a yearly bilingual magazine, focused in documenting, sharing and commenting the various arts of the country), about capulana - a traditional textile. 

After that I did some more, just for fun. 

Eventually, with time I will do some more.

Brains meetup - visual thinking @mindera

Once upon a time there were some gatherings of people who like personal development topics. This time, they talked about Visual Thinking and I had a chance to not only join in, but also bring the topics from the other sessions to life in flip charts.
It was sort of a birthday party for these meetups, and birthday parties are cool :)