Native young - Cape Town

I was walking through Watershed in Cape Town when I suddenly heard the music calling me to the end of the building… There were four guys playing what I found the most beautiful, distinctly and unusual sounds I heard in a while.

Maybe it was the unexpected that had so much impact on me, and all the amazing architecture surrounding us. Or maybe just the fact that the based African-psycadelic-pop band reminds me so much of some of my favourite indie bands with the unique incorporation of  a number of unusual instruments in their performance, including marimba, banjo, djembe drums and the hang – a German instrument comprised of two metal shells joined together, with indentations which when tapped produce different notes.

According to sa music scene: “Native Young, considered the ‘brainchild’ of front man Yannick Meyer, has grown over the last year to become the six piece band it is today, blurring the lines between cultural musical barriers with band members hailing from South Africa to Spain. Their debut single, “Children of the Sun”, released last September was released in the UK, America and Europe and was included in the UK Elle “Sounds of Summer” it-list. Their unique, eclectic sound has since caught the attention of UK record company PIAS, with whom they recently sealed an EP deal.
(…) Yannick Meyer adds a fresh element to the sound with his smooth falsetto vocals. Their overall sound is down-tempo, delicately foot-tapping and constantly evolving from one song to the next.”

You can find more about them here:

Native Young are definitely bringing a new, fresh and delightfully traditional twist to the local indie scene. Their songs sing to my heart and fill my days with happiness and hope for a better future.
Worth checking it out! :)